MARINA MAIR-SANCHEZ - Eszter Kis, Fight Captain

Originally from México, Marina is an actor, singer and dancer currently living in Edmonton. This is her Found Fest debut, and she is very excited to help create magic in the most unexpected corners of Old Strathcona!  Some of her past theatre credits include Vera in Slight of Mind (Theatre Yes/Citadel Theatre), Beatrice in Dead Centre of Town (Catch The Keys Productions), Eva in Anxiety (Theatre Yes/Skam Theatre), and Celia in No One Showed Up For the Anarchist Rally (Nextfest/Theatre Network). She has also had the pleasure of working with Theatre Prospero, the Alberta Workers Health Centre, Heritage Park Acting Troupe and Memoria Viva Edmonton Society in their Spanish musical Voy Soñando, Voy Caminando. When not on stage, you may find Marina at the University of Alberta where she is currently pursuing her master’s degree. Special thanks to her parents — currently visiting Edmonton! — for their unwavering support. ¡Muchos besos a los dos!

Fun Fact: Marina can place both her legs behind her head, her sister says it makes her look like a weird pretzel, Marina thinks it’s pretty cool.