Dylan Rhys Howard is mostly a writer/producer/director in film and television, however he has been known to act in music videos, short films, and commercials when his friends come calling (you gotta diversify in this economy, folks). His voice work in the NFB interactive project Invisible World was nominated for an AMPIA award. In Camera marks Dylan’s first time working in theatre, something he has wanted to do since graduating from film school in 2011 (the irony is not lost on him). He hopes to pursue acting with increased fervour now that he is decidedly “in his 30s” and correspondingly less prone to soul-shattering existential anxiety (less prone, not immune, folks). In the meantime, you can catch Digging In The Dirt, the documentary he recently co-produced and co-directed with Omar Mouallem, on CBC Television and streaming online in the fall, and you can watch his short film Peak Oil through the National Screen Institute, where it received the A&E Short Filmmakers Award for Best Film.     

Fun Fact: Dylan was the driving double for all four male leads on a recent filmproject, including 83-year-old Bruce Dern.